I thought I would make a section to highlight and explain the feature props that make up the haunt and jot down some notes about them. Just about everything I've made has been based off ideas from the internet - sometimes it's identical to the idea or plans that I found, and sometimes it's altered quit a bit. The great thing about the online haunt community is that everyone is egar to share ideas and even though lots of props are based on similar how-tos, they're almost always slightly different as the person alters the design as they build it themselves. plans, how-to articles and more information on just about all the props can be found on the halloween monster list. (See resources) Listed by the year they were addded to the haunt.

2005 PVC static armatures
2005 Flying Crank Ghost
2006 14' scarecrow
2006 torso crawler
2006 witch cauldron
2007 monster in a box
2007 partial toe pincher
2007 thunder and lightning
2008 burried not so deep
2008 erect bluckies
2008 partially exposed coffins