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Okay, I got bored enough to create a new talker page. I've been visiting Ew-too talkers since around late 1995, but I'll go back before then. When I was a kid we thought it was cool to "surf" the high school and college Bullitin Board Systems. For me, it all started on CVU, the university of Vermont BBS which had 6 phone lines! I would spent hours on there talking to different people in the chat section of the BBS.

When I started going to highschool a friend of mine taught me how to call up the library interlink system and connect to this neat port called telnet by going through about 12 different menus and typing in a couple of things. From there you could type in the talker address you wished to connect to, and bam. you were there, It was like a BBS but there could be 5 people on a talker, or 100 depending on the popularity of the place.

So what IS a talker anyway? A talker is sort of like a chat room, most of them are based on ew-too coding. It's different that a chat room because you get to personalize your character, your own room, and they generally have a wide variety of social and description commands and it's own message system and all sorts of other features you don't find on typical interenet chats. That, and the people were a bit different. Most of them were college kids sitting around the computer lab chatting their spare time away. Myself, I did most of my spodding (spod, a person who spends an unreasonable ammount of time online talking to people, spodding; the act of being a spod) during my summer vacations.

So anyway, the first talker I went on was called The World. I met this nice girl there named Love and we liked to talk about all sorts of stuff and junk. The World was a medium sized talker with pretty nice people that went there.

After that I went to The Dreamscape, and the first person I really talked to was called Nutmeg.

After that I went to this place called The City. The City was my official talker, the one I would spend the most time on. I met all sorts of people who were really nice and we had a pretty large "usual" crowd and I had 6 days log-in time there (which was a huge achievement for me, if you call it that) when The City was closed down and "The Burbs" opened in it's place, it was basically the same talker run by the same people, but with a different attitude on a different server. This was around late 1996.

I still like to open a window to The Burbs when I am surfing online, about 15 or so of the original "city" spods still frequent the place, but many have moved on to other things in life and don't visit talkers anymore.

Both my brother and my sister also did talkers for a while. My brother's alias was SiliconMage, my sisters is Pop. My alias is darkLord. Some people think it's a little funny. I've had it since was on The Dreamscape, and I created it by mixing the powers of Rand Al'Thor and a Myrddraal (a hero, and an evil unbeing) from my favorite series of books called "The Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan. The idea was that everyone was always calling Rand "Lord" and I thought it would be really cool if he had the whole still black cloak thing like the Myrddraal's had, so I made "darkLord" my alias.

Click HERE! to see my original talker page from around 1998. This format of webpage is from my third version of my "website" (you're looking at the 5th) It also includes some information about a couple of other talkers I haven't mentioned.

Click HERE! to see my original talker friend list. (this list is not conclusive, or all inclusive, so don't sweat it if you aren't on here and you think you should have been)

( Connect to The 'Burbs! ) ( Connect to Children Of The Night ) ( Connect to Island )

Here are some photos of online friends that I have met irl "In real life" though I don't have pics of everyone, I guess you can call this an overview or something.

Me sometime around 1993 on a BBS

Me, Death, Pop, Piccolo. 1997 They were my sister's friends from Maine, they came to spend a week with us one summer vacation. This pic was at the VT state fair.

1998, There are so many people in this pic, I can't remember a couple of them. top left to right, bottom left to right. Gogeta, Pop, Death, Me, Melanie, Piccolo, not sure, Turtle Boy, not sure. After Death and Piccolo visited the previous summer vacation we went up to Maine and went camping and visited with them and some other local spods.

Keebler, Me, Kellie, Spaceace. This pic was taken around september 2002 in NYC, we were visiting Spaceace and Keebler on the way home from visiting my family in VT.

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