This is a bunch of people I met on talkers an stuff, all of which are way cool.

Well, let's see... where to begin ?


- Dil is a kook. if you don't know what it means, look it up sometime. If you do, you will find that it means super wonderful bestest and all sorts of good stuff like that. Dil was not a pickle, when we first met, but she sems to have changed.


- this fine person who is not at all what his name implys, is always around. If you even think about him he will show up. He must have some sort of odd powers. And, he can be funny too, you just gotta catch him at the right time.


- Siliconmage is not only someone who goes on talkers, but he's my real bro an stuff. He moved out of our house, but we go and play pool together a couple tiems a month, even if we both suck. We also play Duke3d over the modem, which is fun.


- Beanbag is my sister in law, and they got married on the second of August, '97. I got to be in the wedding, woo.


- one of my very first internet friends. He amplifyed my knowledge of talkers, and generally helped me out when I was just srarting. Since then, we've been buddies an stuff. even if he did make SU and I didn't. :P


- She's not a candy. She's a flower princess, but watch your toes on them bad days she has! whoah. Make sure you got your head straped down or she'll take it off, hehe. but, she does have her goods. As all ppl do.


- This is once lady from canada, an man can she spod ! She is the spod queen, and she is totally cool. She dates back to old City days, so do Kellie, Spaceace and Buttercup too.


- You gotta watch yourself around this english bloke. He'll get your head spinning in no time. If it's not blimey, it's jelly. and if it's not chrisps, it's chips. hehe. gread guy, yep. kidna odd in da head tho ;)


- Not to be combined with MaZ. These dudes usually go for eachother's necks, or the closest thing available.. Not really, but it sure does seem like it so far. Rat is one of theonly spods I know that are into R/C cars. groovy.


- Another english bloke to watch out for, he's known as a mountain biker, and is able to bike home in the wee hours of morning, totally drunk. He's not dead yet, he must be doing something right.


- A/the master coder of the Star Ship. Usually seen late at inte, during the day, or in the moning. He's one hell of a spod. :)



- BeaV is a really cool guy who knows lots about talkers... not as much as some people I guess, but if you have a problem you can usually go to him, plus he's way groovy an stuff. An origional city spod.


- An Admin from Starship, super nice girlie. Can I say more ? Maybe, but I got so many more to do...


- This vegan babe is quiet, and wise. A good one to go to for help on vegan dishes, or just general things in life. I bet she always has sommin smart to say.


- This lil froggie is the best of all little froggies. You can usually find her in someone's pocket, or bouncing around the room. hehe. Fond of late nite spoding, often found with redeye as a result.


- She's a cool friend of mine, and she went to the university near where I live, and we went and played pool together. she's GrOOvY


- Andrea, MuTe, siLence, it's all the same to me. This chick is the old admin from City, man, she rocks. *and lotsa other nice stuff*


- This dude rocks. If you need to know about autoracing, ask him. He's usually up to date with everything related to autos, well, usually. Funny dude too. Great guy.


- Man, this girl is very rare. Old cityfolk too. She logs on maybe once a month, and I always miss her. she is missed much, at the Burbs.


- This is girl is a star trek fan, you got a question about Deep Space Nine, you just ask her and she'll have the answer for you in no time. Also, she's good at PRS, so watch out.


- The two headed guy from The HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy. You'll never find him without his towel. He's a way old spod too, Cityfolk he is, SU too. He's all powerful and ever so wise. :)


- God's gift to females ? hehe. This dude is way nice. Just don't get him on your bad side that's all, because he's a SU at burbs, and StarShip.


- You would think the name says it all. It's just not true, I say. She's way nice. All wise and powerful like spaceace too. Gots privs on a couple places, I think.


- Who seldom is what his name says. Grimbo is your run of the mill guy, maybe ? He's some sort of super duper super user or something, :> go ahead, talk to him, he don't bite, much.


- A friend of mine from so long ago it's almost sad. We keep in touch though. She hangs out mostly at The World. She is very nice, as her name might sugguest.


- Another friend from The World, only this girl should be famous. She is my teacher of the EW-Too talker. She got me started with the basics. This person is important to any spod.


- A guy from The Dreamscape, he's one of the two other Dark's that I consider origional, and not someone just following the "Dark" trend.


- An old City Folk/admin person. She rocks. I wonder if she still has her camaro. anyhow. She's a rare find, hold onto her if you see her around. nail her to the floor.

if you're not on here and you should be, mail me,