Just your basic page telling you what a talker is, and what goes on there.

Okay. Here's the deal. You go out onto the internet and want to talk to some people, right? The only problem is you don't know where to go. You've heard all sorts of stories about so called chat rooms, but you're looking for more than that, right?

A talker is your soultion. A talker is like a chat room, only about a million times better. What you do, is you log onto a system, and enter a handle. (fake name) then there comes some stuff about the rules of the talker, and maybe some history about it. Read the rules well, for you will be expected to follow them. After all that stuff, you are placed in the main room of the talker.

A talker is kind of like a whole world. There are all sorts of rooms, some private, some not. You get to make your own room, and write a description on it if you like. Anyhow, you get into the main room, and now what do you do?

type: say (and then whatever you want to say)

If you get stuck, type: lsu and ask them for help by saying it in the main room. when you type lsu, you list the Super Users, people who are on the system to help out people like you. Nice, isn't it ?

If there isn't a SU on, try talking to some people. ask questions.

Okay.. below are some talkers I go to often. Just click on the name, and you're on your way. (note: you can only use talkers if you have some sort of terminal program, it's how the programs talk to eachother)


Island is a great place to go, it has a nice new code, colors, friendly people, and a nice atmosphere. I go there most often now.

(The 'Burbs)

The Burbs a good talker, it's where some of my good friends hang out. If there was some sort of rating system, the 'Burbs would have three if I was the judge.


The StarShip has really great colors, a toms of commands. Although few people go there, It's a good place to check out. I'm sure that if it started to get a regular flow of people, it could be better than the burbs.


Walt is a disney based talker, and the people on it are almost always nice to you, and make you feel welcome.

(The Dreamscape)

The Dreamscape is where I first started on talkers. The people there have always been a fun loving croud, and willing to help you get started out.

(Detroit City)

The Detroit City came about when City closed down. Some people wanted to keep it going, and they have done so greatly. You can still find some of the old City spods on there. They're like old presidents to me.

(Animal House)

The Animal House is where my brother hangs out.. he was a Lower ADmin on there, but now he's just a Super User, which is still someting to brag about. (a SU is like a system cop) Beanbag is there too.

(The World)

The world is a larger talker compared to all of the above, there's usually about 60 people on there, compared to the 20-30 that's on burbs, and fewer on the others. It is a good place to start out also, because there's almost always someone there to help you out.

Okay... there they are. I hope you are able to get something out of them. If you really want your talker added to this list, email me and I'll think about it :)

Send me your questions and comments, or just say Hi.