Nick's 1984 Rabbit Convertible

Bug-A-Paluza 4 Chattanooga, TN. 4-22-02

Sold 5-24-02 to purchase 1968 Beetle

(12-5-09) Note, as of mid summer '09 this car is still on the road! It is on it's third owner since having left my posession and having spoken with the guys at the independant VW shop that have worked on it a few times, it's a little worse for wear but still going. From what I gather the floors aren't doing too well. I actually saw it myself in the parking lot of it's current owner's place of employment.

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Engine Modifications

2" auto-tech cat-back exhaust.
K&N air filter
camshaft spray cover
deleted A/C

Suspension Modifications

Neuspeed soft-sport springs / Boge dampers
Neuspeed front upper strut brace
16v Scirocco front lower brace

Body Modifications

shaved side trim lines
shaved side markers and badges
shaved rear trunk trim, and rocker trim
dechromed grill
BBS front air dam
euro bumpers
canvas top
GTi flares

Road Trip 2000
Rabbitation 2000
Jason Keith Price
My Rabbit at the '99 Vermont Show

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