Rabbitation 2000

Rabbitation is a A1 platform get-together that happens in the Finger Lakes region of New York. My brother, father and I went last year in his '89 Jetta. In 2000 three 1984 VWs left for the show, My 1984 Rabbit Convertible, My sister's 1984 Rabbit L, and my brother's neighbor's 1984 Jetta.

Saturday morning my dad and sister met up at my brother's house, along with his neighbor. They left, my brother driving my car, dad driving my sisters, and of course his neighbor driving his own.

Doing 65mph at 3500rpm, my bro was cruizing along the interstate when all the sudden he couldn't see my sister's car in front of him. There was just a large black cloud of smoke.. and oil splattered on the windshield.

My sister's engine blew up. 1984 1.7 liter with around 84k on the clock. It had full oil, and no warning lights. Started to go tick-tick-tick and about 30 seconds later blew apart. A rod broke, punched holes in the rear of the block, shattered the intermediate shaft, and broke the block where the distributor goes in, and actually popped the distributor, shaft and all... out. My dad got a '80 rabbit convertible with a good engine, and the swap is nearing completion. My car was setup alongside of the Jetta. In front of my car was a memorial board dedicated to Jason Price. He was a fellow V-dubber that lost his life in his '99 VW in spring 2000. There were pictures and information about him on the board, most who attended the event took a moment to pause and find out who he was.

Neighbor's restored Jetta
My car behind it...

Other side of Jetta
along with two Rabbits

Rear view of my top.

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