A "Gavush" family in the making

Most of you that are reading this already know how we met, so we will spare you all the details and give you the basics.

We knew eachother before we got married but so far as dating, it didn't become offical until 2001 when Nick moved to the South to attend school at the nearby Techical School. Just palnning to remain friends we met one night at a friend's apartment for movies and the rest is history.

We were married May 5th, 2001. At the home church of Kellie's family with a family friend of Nick's officating the ceremony. The day was filled with friends and family, many who witnessed the true beauty of friendship that went back almost 6 years. To those who made special trips, from as far as Nebraska, to as South of GA, from as east as North Carolina and as North as New Jersey and Vermont, we thank you.

We will never forget the fact that the candles didn't light, and the same song was played 3 times, Nor the fact that half the party went without their boutiners. May we still crack a smile remembering that Kellie put the ring on the wrong hand, and the flower girl decided to retrack her steps to pick up all the flowers she dropped on the way down, then proceed to lay down in the middle of aisle. None-the-less, the day will always be perfect in our eyes.

We have our good days, and those days where we have our differences. We both were very lucky to come from good loving families. We were taught the beauty of communicating and both feel it is why we exist as husband and wife. We both are very different, but in a very good way. Kellie is the social bug--you never have to have a reason to entertain. Where Nick is as happy as a frog on a log in the quietness of his own home.

Here are some pictures from the big day, and the week after in Aruba.

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