GWS Slow Stick, part II

There is something cool about a slow stick barely chugging along on a calm day... they're fun to have around for relaxing flight, and I wouldn't mind letting someone new try it out. This time I wanted it to be lighter weight and have more power so it's equipped with a Hitec feather receiver, Hitec HS-55 micro servos, a Jeti eco 18 esc, an Eskay 400xt outrunner motor and lithium polymer batteries. I have my TP 3 cell 1350 pack that I use with a 9x4.7 prop, and I also have a GWS 2 cell 1300mah pack I use with a 10x4.7 prop. With the 2 cell the peformance is about the same as the stock setup, most flight time I've had so far on that pack is 23 minutes... on the 3 cell it has quit a bit more power, enough to go vertical if you can keep it pointed that way... I've gotten 28 minutes of flight on that pack with mixed flying. With the ligher servos and battery than my first one it seems to float a bit better. Also with the outrunner motor it is nearly silent other than propwash which is pretty neat. The 3 cell battery mounts below the wing as shown, and to maintain the CG the 2 cell battery mounts on top of the fuse ahead of the wing.

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