Tail of the Cats

Friday Psycho-Cat

Friday the first week we had her

Her name is Friday because Nick brought her home on the first friday night we had in our new home. One of his co-workers had 3 kittens, and she was the calmer of the two females. We brought her home at around 6 weeks old, and found out we had a very needy little kitten on our hands. She would be walking around the house and suddenly cry out in alarm, thinking she was all alone. At night she would worm into the space between us and knit her calws into our hair, purring loudly. She wouldn't touch dry food at first, which was available to her all the time. Eventually started to eat it when we offered smaller portions of canned food which was served once in the morning, once evening and once night.

She's grown up into a well built medium sized cat, having gained some weight after she was fixed. Her favorite toy is the twist-ties that come on sandwich bread. She likes to sit around and watch TV. She likes to try and get out the door whenever it's open and is quick to run across the yard if she escapes. Sadly, when she was about 5 years old she suffered from some sort of brain malfunction and turned extremely agressive, and attached me on two occasions without cause, and after a trip to the vet we decided it was best to have her put down. She was not safe to have around children (or adults!) and was not suitable for adoption. Turns out she really was pshycho.

Mr. Miyagi

Kellie was over a friend's house and 3 of their cats had litters. She knew she wanted one but it was a hard choice between two pretty cute ones. Mr Miyagi ended up coming home with us. We brought him home on September 1st 2002 when he was 6 weeks old. At frist Friday growled and hissed at him for a while, but about 15 minutes later she was checking him out,and found out she really could really boss him around and thought that was okay. She became MMs adopted mother. Half the time he was running around bugging her, the other half of the time he was sleeping. Occasionally he would get pinned down by the new "mom" to recive a wicked toungue-bath much to his protest. He doesn't like to be picked up high, and doesn't like the vacuum cleaner. On the mornings we sleep in he will get up on the pillow next to your head and wait for you to wake up. We picked him because he was the least scared of the kittens, and has similar markings to friday. All of his brothers and sisters were also tailess except for one that had a 1/4" nub.

Suzie Q

Some of our friends had a litter of kittens and they offered that we could pick one out. We decided it was time to "replace" Friday and we picked out the calmest, most loving one they had. Turns out, calm and loving was just a cover for dumb. She's probably the dumbest cat I've ever seen. However, she is real pretty and does let you hold her and pet her. For the first few months she bothered Mr Miyagi every minute of every hour of every day. Now she's down to just once or twice a day. They don't snuggle and cuddle like Miyagi and Friday does - Miyagi seems mostly annoyed by her presence. Though she doesn't look it in the picture, she is a pretty small cat, about 1/2 the size of Miyagi, even smaller than Friday was. Our neighbor says "She's too stupid to grow!"

Friday checks out her new buddy.. (Sept 2002)

Friday the bookcase gargoyle. (June 2002)

Nick, Miyagi. Friday in back. (Dec 2003)

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