Nick at Work

I have been working at a dealership as a Porsche technician since January 2001.
I've completed the following courses at factory training centers:

MY10 Model year 2010, Panamera
MY08 Model year 2008 Cayenne & 9x7
MY05 Model year 2005 9x7 intro
P90 Electrical troubleshooting and repair
P80 A/C & climate control
P60 Soft roof and body systems
P40 Chassis, Brakes, Steering and Alignment
P25 Advanced fuel and ignition
P21 Fuel and ignition / diagnosis and repair
P10W Watercooled engine repair 9x7II
P10 Watercooled engine repair
P03 Servicing and repair, sports cars
P002 General servicing and repair Cayenne
P001 General servicing and repair Sports Car

I am a ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician, and Advanced Level Specialist.
I've completed the following tests:

A1: Auto: Engine Repair
A2: Auto: Automatic Trans/Transaxle
A3: Auto: Manual Drive Train and Axles
A4: Auto: Suspension and Steering
A5: Auto: Brakes
A6: Auto: Electrical/Electronic Systems
A7: Auto: Heating and Air Conditioning
A8: Auto: Engine Performance
L1: Auto: Advanced Engine Performance

I also have the following:
IMACA EPA Section 609 Certification
Associates Degree of Applied Science

For more information on Porsche cars, follow the Porsche Website link below.

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