The Gavush Lair

snowstorm 2003

This is our house. We bought it at the end of July in 2001. We were living in an appartment and got tired of paying rent every month without having anything to show for it, we were also tight on space. We went out house shopping one weekend and after spotting several that were allright, I saw ours and said "I really like that one" not knowing that Kellie had already been through the area and decided she liked it as well. We got out and looked in the windows and started talking with the bank the next week.

It's one story and has three bedrooms, two baths, two walk-in closets in the master bath, trey ceiling in the master bedroom, a gas-log fireplace in the living room, two car garage and other stuff on a .63 acre lot in a new subdivision. We would have liked to have some more space... finishing the area over the garage has come to mind. We think it would be neat to build an earth-sheltered house in the future.

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