The Childrens!

So, we didn't plan to have four kids... honest. We were foster parents for about 5 years - towards the end we had two sisters, Rose and Torie, they had been with us for two and a half years. DCS Finally found an adoptive placement for them and they were moved just prior to the birth of our first child Elisabeth, who was born in March 2007. That Christmas the girls spent a few days with us during wtheir winter break from school and it became aparent that their current placement might not work out. We had a discussion, called their social worker, voiced our concerns and offered that if they were to go back in the system to be placed in another home, we would take them permently. In November 2008 we got a call from their social worker and they were back in our home in time for Christmas. They were officially ours - adopted and everything, in June 2009. Back in November when we got the call about getting the girls back, we were also "trying" for our 2nd child, and she showed up on the scene 11 days after the adoption. So, in 12 months time, we went from one child to four childrens.

Rather than load kid pictures onto the website they're available to see on our Children Album on

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