Basic work log

March 2009
Replaced Oil temperature sensor

April 2008
Oil change, Installed spare oil cooler along with new cooler specific coolant hoses

April 2007
Oil change

June 2006
Removed and brazed cracked exhaust manifold, had removed cyl. head to remove manifold. Cut & lapped intake valves & seats, cut & lapped new exhaust valves (old valves were not true when chucked up in valve grinder) Replaced fuel injector seats & o-rings. Had L&R front axles rebuilt, replaced leaking axle flange seals, changed gear oil

May 2006
Replaced master cylinder, changed brake fluid

April 2006
Oil change, Replaced tie rod ends, competed alignment. Replaced the front crank seal, timing belt, roller, water pump, thermostat, Replaced plugs, cap, rotor, air filter & fuel filter, vacuum hoses. Stripped and polished wheels. Replaced sild molding clips, front and both rear badges (new!!) and the black plastic left A piller pinch weld trim ($50!)

March 2006
Installed stayfast canvas convertible top and synthetic horsehair pad kit from M&T MFG

February 2006
replaced bulbs in center console gauges

January 2006
Cleaned interior, reattached majority of L&R door panel vinyl with trim adhesive.

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