VW Rail Buggy

So, this is my rail buggy... I had a more elaborate description written out but I wrote over the html file and it's gone now. Basically, I was after something that was safer than 4-wheeler and around the same price, and I also wanted to have something VW... I really like beetle drivetrain, but in the past I've had problems with the car's rusting away around them.. so, simple solution - do away with the body. This project was picked up via craigslist as a swing axle buggy, less engine along with a rotted out fastback, with engine. The engine was converted to upright beetle stuff with parts from friends, stuff I had on hand, some stuff from thesamba.com and new parts. I converted it to IRS using the rear suspension out of a '72 super beetle that I also bought via craigslist. The rear brakes are the type3 drums, and new 24mm wheel cylinders (super beetle front wheel cylinders) Hope to have the project done for the 2010 riding season. There are a few off-highway-vehicle parks not terribly far from here and several guys from work have rail buggies and ATVs / Dirt bikes and go for the weekend every few months.

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